Welcome to Human Resource Associates. We are a full-service employee assistance program available to our client companies and their employees and family members. HRA is dedicated to helping people to solve their problems, increase their productivity, achieve greater happiness, and improve their quality of life through guidance, education, and supportive counseling. It is our mission to ensure that all people have access to the resources which will bring them this improved quality of life.

The EAP is a benefit provided by your employer and is free and confidential. It is available to you and your family members*. We provide the resources and guidance needed to help you in resolving a problem you’re experiencing that’s interfering with your peace of mind. We offer assessments, resources, referrals, and, if appropriate, short-term counseling. We address a broad and complex range of issues affecting mental and emotional well-being. These include alcohol and other substance abuse, stress, worry, grief/loss, family problems, life transitions (e.g. separation, retirement, etc.) and psychological disorders.

*As a rule, the EAP does not see minor children. This is due to the possibility that they will form a quick bond with the counselor who they will see only briefly. This ending, coupled with the possible additional complication of resistance to seeing another counselor (for longer-term counseling), makes the risks outweigh any benefit they may receive. That said, we will do our utmost to help you by providing guidance and support. We recognize there is a shortage of therapists so please contact your insurance company and ask them to help with this process.