Formal Management Referral

Personal issues can sometimes cause changes in employee performance, attendance, attitude, or behavior. A Formal Management Referral is a service available to managers to prompt an employee to seek assistance to resolve these issues, freeing up managers to focus on their own duties.

A Formal Management Referral (also called a Supervisory Referral) is typically used as an intervention to avoid more severe disciplinary action or even the employee’s loss of job. Given the cost to recruit, hire and train employees, if a personal problem can be addressed through counseling, the company can avoid unnecessary hardships and costs.

Steps for a Formal Management Referral

  1. The first step for any Formal Management Referral is to contact your HR Department to confirm your organization’s required internal reporting and protocols for such a referral.
  2. Complete the Management Referral Form and follow the instructions on the form to submit to HRA. Include any additional pertinent documents, including any relevant previous disciplinary documentation. Feel free to call or email Libby McGinn (Ext. 1001) to provide any additional information.
  3. Submit referral to HRA
  4. Instruct the employee to call us to schedule an appointment
  5. Clinician will follow up if additional information is necessary. We will follow up with the referral source after the employee has been seen.