Guidance and Support

An EAP’s primary purpose is to provide the resources an employee needs to help them resolve a problem that’s interfering with the quality of their life. Often employees have only one contact with the EAP and we’re able to help direct them to those resources. But quite often a person doesn’t know what they need. This is when we’d schedule an appointment for you to meet with a counselor. We love meeting employees in-person but if that’s prohibitive for you, we’re happy to meet with you virtually. You may only come the one time and the issue will either be resolved or you’ll have enough direction to continue to the solution. Other times this requires at least one additional session to get a handle on what’s going on and what will be most helpful. If the counselor assesses that short-term counseling will benefit you, an agreed-upon plan will be established. If the counselor assesses it requires a longer-term process, they will discuss with you.

The EAP is not long-term counseling/therapy. If you already know you’re wanting to enter therapy for an undetermined amount of time, you’ll want to work directly with your health insurance company to help you find a provider.